AI powered online assessments with remote proctoring

Educational instititutions can now conduct AI powered exams with remote proctoring securely from the student's home.

Proctor students from anywhere

The proctor can observe the student and screen while giving the exam. The student's webcam & screen are recorded for post exam evaluation.

AI powered Anti-Cheating features

Providing students with a secure platform to appear for assessments has never been easier & cheating has never been this hard thanks to the in build AI meachanisms.


1 Do you offer a free tier?

Yes, use the form below to register with us and we will offer you 300 assessments free of cost to try the exam software.

2 What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring is a technology by which invigilators can remotely proctor the student's webcam and screen in real time while the exam is conducted.

3 What is the role of artificial intelligence in the exam software?

The artificial intelligence build into our exam software can automatically detect if a student is trying to cheat by monitoring the direction of his / her face, detecting multiple people in from of the screen, detecting the presence of a book or cell phone and detecting human voice.

4 Can students open a browser or access any other software while the exam is on?

Our secure browser feature prevents students from moving out of the software while the exam is being conducted. Students can move our of the exam screen only after the exam has completed.

5 What kind of questions are supported by the exam software?

Our exam software supports both MCQs (objective type) and long answer (subjective) type questions.

6 How can I upload a question bank?

You can perform a bulk upload from the provided admin portal page or you can send an email to our backend team to upload the questions for you.

7 Can the software automatically detect if the student is looking at the screen?

Yes, our Artifical Intelligence (AI) powered assessment platform can detect if the student is looking away from the screen, warn him / her and inform the examinor.

8 Can the proctoring tools be integrated with any learning platform / LMS?

Yes, our proctoring tools can be integrated with any learning management system with just 2 lines of Javascript.

9 Can the software be customised for a university?

Yes, ofcourse, fill out the form to get in touch with us, we would be happy to learn more about your unique customisation requirements.

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