Learn By Example: PHP For Dynamic Websites



What are the requirements? No prior programming experience needed, this course starts at zero A little basic HTML, CSS and SQL will be helpful for some of the examples - not really required though! What is the target audience? YEP! Students who are looking to use the power of programming to build dynamic web sites YEP! Students who are looking to get into the nitty gritty of advanced PHP constructs such as cookies, sessions and object oriented programming


Super-practical PHP: Learn, by example, how to build a smart website with cookies, sessions, login authentication, MySQL integration, Object Oriented PHP and lots more! Let's parse that. This course is super-practical: packed with knowledge you can put to use right away, while still giving you a good foundational understanding of web programming, not just PHP. Its about building smart websites: these days, its not OK for a website just to look snappy - login, cookies and sessions are considered necessities, not luxuries anymore In this course, we will learn by example. Each example is self-contained, has its source code attached, and gets across a specific PHP use-case. Each example is simple by itself, but they come together as building blocks to build complex use cases. What's included in this course: Installing and setting up a basic web server with PHP Web security basics: validating and sanitizing user input data. Web forms, mitigating XSS and XSRF attacks MySQL Integration and Installation: Connecting to a database, running queries, processing results, prepared statements. Easy integration with MySQL so it's dead simple to work with databases for permanent data storage Cookies, Sessions and the differences between them, using sessions without cookies End to end login authentication Object oriented PHP, classes, inheritance, polymorphism GET, POST and other superglobals

Goal of Course

Apply advanced constructs such as cookies, sessions and object oriented programming correctly Mitigate basic web security risks by sanitizing and validating user input Build a robust login authentication system using MySQL to allow users to sign up and log into your site Harness the power of programming to build intelligent, interactive and personalized web sites

You, This Course, and Us!

Installing and setting up PHP

Web Forms, Validating And Sanitizing User Input, Mitigating Security Risks

Intermediate Constructs In The PHP Language

PHP and MySQL - A Well Oiled Integration

Cookies And Sessions - Stuff Which Makes PHP Cool

Build A Login Authentication System From The Ground Up

Some random useful stuff